About Us

Locally-owned by commercial fishermen since 2006

Inlet Seafood has been owned and operated by 6 longtime friends and fishermen for decades. They purchased this property after leasing the the dock on the northern side of the property for many years. Collectively these six fishermen have put millions of fish over this dock, to be shipped to the city and ultimately, dispersed around the world. Odds are, if you've consumed seafood in the last 40 years, you have eaten fish these guys have caught. After a few years, they decided to build Inlet Seafood Restaurant. The idea was to cut out all the middle men and put the fish directly from their boats, to your plate.  The restaurant was built with the intention to provide a place to grab a warm meal and cold beer after a two weeks offshore. A place for locals to gather in the frigid months to eat the fish they just risked their lives to catch. A spot for tourists to come and appreciate the breathtaking sunsets and panoramic views of the Block Island Sound. Over the years it's become that and more. Their children have gotten married here, grandkids have had their communion here and they've celebrated the lives of lost loved ones here. Inlet has naturally become a staple in Montauk's restaurant culture and we couldn't be more proud. With over 80% of the United State's seafood coming from overseas, Inlet takes great pride in the seafood we ship and serve. As far as we're concerned, the fish we eat should not be grown in a tank overseas, Tilapia is not seafood and there hasn't been a salmon in the North Atlantic in 20 years. So when you're out in the grocery store.. look for that USA WILD caught seafood and think of the hard working men and women risking their lives to feed you. Fish just tastes different when it was swimming a few hours ago, trust us. And remember, an industry that feeds you is an industry worth fighting for.

Respect the Ocean. Harvest the Bounty. Feed the People.

Standing By.